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What is Jobteria?

Jobteria helps you find work by suggesting awesome ways to improve your resume.

How it works

Sign in with Twitter, and upload a copy of your resume. Jobteria will analyze your skills, and find the jobs which best match your experience.

Meanwhile, we’ll suggest relevant skills that we think you should be learning to increase your chances of success. Each of our suggestions will include links to external resources, suggested books, educational programs, and so on…

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It’s the best tool for persuing your dream job.

Tell Jobteria about your dream job, and we’ll tell you how to get there! There is simply no better way of builidng your career, than to know exactly what skills employers demand.

Compare Technologies

Jobteria Industry Insights gives developers the opportunity to compare demand for competing technologies, so they can make the right decision when choosing which to learn. Developers can also research a technology of their choosing, to learn more about the demand for that skill.

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